Medline Weil Knee WalkerThis innovative walking aid provides a comfortable alternative to crutches and is ideal for below the knee injuries. The three wheel design turns for easy use at home or outside. A thicker padded seat offers comfort. Comes equiped with locking hand brakes and a large basket. Adjustable bench accommodates heights 4’10” to 6’4″.

Benefits Of Using The Weil Walker:

By using the Medline Weil Knee Walker, you are able to eliminate the strain crutches can put on your underarms while greatly reducing the risk of falling and further aggravating your injury.

You are also able to get around quicker than with crutches, and can continue to enjoy going to malls, fairs, and other outdoor events that involve a lot of walking.

The unique three-wheel design and wide front wheelbase of the Medline Weil Knee Walker allows for optimum balance and turning control, while allowing the device to fit through any standard doorway.


  • Unique three wheel design for better turn control
  • Wide front wheel base provides stability and balance
  • Fits through any standard doorway
  • Accommodates people of all heights
  • Easily height adjustable knee pad and handlebars
  • Extra thick padded knee rest for added comfort
  • Easily folds down for transport
  • Locking brake handles mounted on both sides of the handlebars
  • Large wheels to conquer the toughest terrain
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Walker weight is 24pounds
  • Weight capacity is 300 pounds

Item Ships Ground Only

The dimensions are:

Length — 40.000

Width  — 24.000

Height — 16.500

Weight — 27.000