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Medical & Surgical Foot and Ankle Care

Medical & Surgical Foot and Ankle Care, PC is a comprehensive foot and ankle care treatment center, led by Dr. Keith A. Naftulin DPM FACFAS, a Board-Certified podiatrist. With medical offices located in Littleton, Colorado, Dr. Naftulin and his professional team provide quality and affordable care for all aspects of foot & ankle diagnosis and treatment.

Surgery and reconstruction. General care for children and the elderly. Sports and active-life improvements. Foot asthetics & cosmetic attention.  The doctor and staff invite your inquiry and appointment.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that cancellations made less than 48 hours before your scheduled appointment may incur a cancellation fee. Cancellations may be made by PHONE ONLY and only during normal business hours.

My visit was wonderful. The staff were very warm, pleasant, amicable and helpful. I was very satisfied with Dr. Naftulin services and medical care. I would strongly recommend him to my friends, family and loved ones.
Carmen T. | June 2016
I loved all aspects of Dr. Natfulin’s practice from the helpful and amicable staff too the amazing care that I received from him. I would not change anything about my visit with Dr. Keith A. Naftulin. Definitely recommend his Medical and Surgical Foot and Ankle Care, PC to all my friends.
Darlene M. | June 2016
All the staff are knowledgeable and professional, congenial and helpful. I was very satisfied with Dr. Natfulin’s medical care and would strongly recommend him to all my loved ones. My foot care needs exceeded my expectations.
Sharon H. | May 2016
Thank you greatly for your time and knowledge. Exceptional! Thank you again for a very effective, very efficient and very friendly. I am very satisfied with the amicable and helpful staff.
Kate A. | July 2016
LOVE LOVE LOVE the doctor and knowledgeable staff. Everyone was extremely helpful. I am very satisfied and will recommend your service to all my friends and family.
Becky L. | June 2016
Very warm and pleasant staff that were extremely knowledgeable. The office felt like my extended loving family. I had a wonderful doctor’s visit. I would recommend their service to all my friends.
Bill T. | May 2016
The orthotics I bought (PowerSteps) have completely stopped my back spasms. I liked them so much I bought a pair for my 87 year old Mom. I am an extremely grateful and happy patient. I can’t wait for my next appointment.
Joe D. | May 2016
From the moment I walked into the office I was greeted by Dr. Naftulin’s friendly and courteous staff. I didn’t have a long wait from my schedule appointment. Less than 15 minutes wait time. Dr. Naftulin helped with my medical condition. I am definitely a repeat patient for many years to come.
Joel R. | August 2016
The staff was very responsive to my phone call. They understood my medical urgency and pain that I was experience. I called in the morning for an appointment and Dr. Naftulin squeezed me in later that day. I would highly recommend Dr. Naftulin to all my family, coworkers and friends.
Dennis P. | April 2016
Everyone at Medical and Surgical Foot and Ankle Care was a pleasure to be around. I trust them with my health care. This satisfied patient recommends Dr. Naftulin to friends and family members.
Marilyn G. | February 2016