sandalsTechnically the snow should have cleared out weeks ago, but Colorado needs the moisture and that extra time before the heat arrives gives you a much needed opportunity to inspect that three-year-old pair of sandals before you slide them onto your kickers.

This summer, your choice in sandals can serve, strengthen and support an active pain-free summer, or irritate and aggravate your summer evenings.

When preparing this season to suit up in your summer sandals, take these tips into consideration. As with walking shoes or sandals, it is essential to find the right fit regarding walking distances and with or without socks.

Keep your eyes peeled for sandals that assist with stability, motion control and proper cushion suitable for longer walking distances.

If flip-flops are your thing, try selecting ones that bend at the ball of the foot. A good rule is that if you can bend them clear in half (in the middle) or twist them into a pretzel, they aren’t going to help prevent foot fatigue. Best advise is to look for sandals with an arch built into them already.

Remember, sandals aren’t eternal. Before you slip back into the summer, look for cracks in the soles or indicators that the post is weak. These are just a few warning signs that it’s time to replace them.

Keep your eyes peeled for sandals made by Keens, Birkenstocks, Olukais and my personal favorite, Chacos.