Unlike every other part of the human body, our feet are known to be more prone to overuse.  This is why we should take proper care of our feet.

The Most Common Foot InjuriesCommon foot injuries affect people from all walks of life.  Athletes put high levels of stress on their feet.  Most common foot injuries are accidental in nature, or a result of miscalculation on the part of the athletes.

One of the major causes of foot injuries is that of wearing improper footwear.

When we wear shoes that stress our feet in any way, they cause development of blisters, ingrown nails and bunions.  These conditions are usually not severe in nature and can be  treated with over the counter medications or simply by modifying you choice to wear more appropriate footwear.

Most serious foot injuries are results of sports injuries or unexpected accidents.  Even daily activities can cause common foot injuries.  There are cases in which your occupation can be the cause of foot injuries.

Here are a few examples of everyday foot injuries:

Sprain:  Foot sprain isn’t something to run to the emergency room for, unless the pain is unbearable.  In most cases, treatment requires application of hot and cold compresses and adequate rest.  If the pain from the foot sprain is still severe, you can always take some over the counter painkillers to alleviate the discomfort.

Blister:  A blister is also a very common foot injury.  Blisters are most often caused by wearing improper footwear.

Broken Toe:  A broken toe usually develops when something heavy drops on your foot.  This can be very painful and can immobilize the individual for quite some time.  You might have to go to the hospital and have it properly taken care of in order to speed up pain relief and diagnose the extent of the injury or damage to the foot.

Arthritis:  Arthritis is a medical condition in which one or more joints become inflamed, giving the individual discomfort while walking.  Arthritis is essentially the breakdown of cartilage tissue.  When the cartilage wears down, the bones come in contact with each other.  The friction from the rubbing of bones and joints produces pain, swelling and stiffness around the affected area.

BunionsBunions are very common in women and are usually acquired by wearing narrow toed, high heeled shoes.  Since the tip of these types of shoes are usually narrow, it forces the big toe to move in the other direction which in turn causes inflammation and pain over the joint.

Athlete’s Foot:  Athlete’s foot is a common disorder, which most athletes tend to deal with. The condition develops when fungus grows in between the toes.  Since the toes are in a warm, damp and dark environment, fungus thrives and multiplies at a steady rate over time.

Most common foot injuries are highly treatable.

Patients suffering from these injuries can purchase over the counter medications from a local pharmacy to effectively treat the problem.  If and when, the foot injury or disorder becomes severe, patients are advised to seek the help of their physician.