ingrown-toe-nailsAn ingrown nail is a common condition that affects the nail.  The scientific name is unguis incarnates, it is a disorder whereby the edges of the nail transforms into soft tissue.  Instead of the nail growing over the skin, it grows into it instead.  This disorder can produce undesirable symptoms such as pain, discomfort, and swelling.  In addition, ingrown nails are unsightly to look at.

There are various reason why an individual might develop ingrown nails.  Listed below are of the few most common causes.

ŸShoe size is too small
When we buy shoes, it is advised to make sure that the shoe fits the feet of the owner perfectly.  Sometimes it is even better to get it a bit bigger size than your actual size to facilitate and increase comfort.

A shoe that is too tight is not good for your toes or for the shoe.  It can lead to disorders like ingrown toenails or fungus development.

ŸImproper Grooming
Improper trimming and cutting of the toenail can also be a cause of ingrown nails.  Cutting the nails too short or cutting the edges allows the skin to grow over the nail.  The proper trimming and cutting of the nails, cutting it straight across should be done in order to avoid ingrown nails.

Nail trauma is a common reason why an individual could have ingrown toenails.  When something really hard lands on your nail it can damage the nail bed causing it to have a variety of disorders, ingrown nails being one of them.

Poor foot hygiene is also another source of ingrown nails.  Just like the other parts of our bodies, our foot always need to be properly taken care of.  Washing your feet daily and walking with proper footwear can help in prevention of ingrown toenails.

Excessive sweating can also be linked to ingrown toenails.  A lot  athletes tend to sweat have a tendency to have ingrown toenails.

Our body often shows signs when something is wrong with it.  In the case of an ingrown, the affected area shows certain symptoms.  When the skin adjacent to the nail is tender, hard or swollen, it is an indication of an ingrown toenail.

There are various ways in which an individual can treat an ingrown.  Some of these remedies can be done at home.

  • ŸPreparing a foot spa at home and soaking your foot on a regular basis is a good way to alleviate the problem.
  • ŸChanging footwear is helpful.  If you have shoes that do not fit you well, you should switch them to shoes that fit properly.  This can aid in your ingrown toenail getting better.
  • ŸCut your nails properly.  This is a necessity in prevention to an ingrown toenail.

In a worse case scenario, you could need to have the ingrown portion of the nail removed by a podiatrist.  This would be done in the office using a local anesthesia in the affected area.  A portion of the nail would then be removed.