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Medical and Surgical Foot and Ankle Care, PC. Specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the foot and ankle, including restorative and reconstructive surgery and wound management.

Limit Your Foot Injuries at the Gym

2018-01-15T15:09:51+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Don’t let foot injuries keep you from your fitness resolutions Littleton, Colorado -- In the New Year, don’t forget to keep your feet in tip-top shape while following through with your resolutions to get fit. Littleton, Colorado foot and ankle surgeon Keith Naftulin, DPM, FACFAS offers tips for foot safety while at the gym. Start new [...]

Types of Acupuncture

2016-11-28T19:41:34+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

TCM trained acupuncturists don’t just learn acupuncture—they are also trained in other healing modalities. Even though needle insertion is the key tool in acupuncture treatments, sometimes it is helpful and necessary to add a little more. There are a number of types of acupuncture. Other modalities acupuncturists often use are: Tui Na This is a basically [...]

Acupuncture Healing – What’s the Point?

2016-11-28T19:41:34+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Like many therapeutic treatments considered by the masses to be “alternative,” acupuncture is often treated like a trip to a nail salon. A lot of people scoff at the idea of how needles inserted into specific points on the body can actually produce specific and intended results. What I’d like to tell you is that acupuncture [...]

Acupuncture – Getting the Most from Your Treatment

2016-11-28T19:41:34+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Acupuncture can be a rewarding, enlightening and maybe even spiritual. If you are new to acupuncture, you may be wondering what the experience might be like. Here are a few tips to help you get the most of your treatment. Before Acupuncture Treatment Try to eat 1-2 hours before your acupuncture treatment. Avoid heavy foods and [...]

Using Laser Treatment in the management of Toenail Fungus

2016-11-28T19:41:35+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Fungal infection in and around the toenail is a very common condition.  It may not always be painful, but it is a unpleasant to look at.  Men are usually more prone to fungal infections than women.  As you get older, chances of contracting the condition increase as well.  This condition is not fatal.  For hygiene and [...]

The Common Causes of Ingrown Nails

2016-11-28T19:41:35+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

An ingrown nail is a common condition that affects the nail.  The scientific name is unguis incarnates, it is a disorder whereby the edges of the nail transforms into soft tissue.  Instead of the nail growing over the skin, it grows into it instead.  This disorder can produce undesirable symptoms such as pain, discomfort, and swelling.  [...]

Six Most Common Running Injuries

2016-11-28T19:41:35+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Keeping fit has become one of the hottest trends in our modern society.  These days you wake up during the wee hours of the morning and you will find people doing their daily morning workouts.  These exercises usually include jogging, walking or running.  Running is a great way to get into shape.  It is an overall [...]

The Most Common Foot Injuries

2016-11-28T19:41:35+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Unlike every other part of the human body, our feet are known to be more prone to overuse.  This is why we should take proper care of our feet. Common foot injuries affect people from all walks of life.  Athletes put high levels of stress on their feet.  Most common foot injuries are accidental in nature, [...]

Testing for Vascular Diseases

2016-11-28T19:41:35+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Everyone knows the complications and lethality of heart complications. Some people who are diagnosed with heart disease are usually not aware that they are critically ill until they actually go for screening. A patient might not show any symptoms of vascular disease but may have it without even knowing it. Early treatment is always better than [...]

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments for Lower Extremity Disorders

2016-11-28T19:41:35+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

Platelet rich plasma treatment is emerging as a promising medical procedure in treating disorders and injuries of the foot and ankle. It has long been utilized in dental medicine to primarily assist in effective tissue recovery after oral surgeries. With all of the advancements in technology, platelet rich plasma treatment is now being used in Sports [...]

Custom Orthotics For Feet Can Help Improve Your Quality of Life

2016-11-28T19:41:35+00:00Caring for Your Feet|

In essence, orthotics pertain to the design, construction, fitting, and the proper utilization of devices that deliver external support to different parts of the body with the inclusion of joints and muscle groups. Problems caused by musculoskeletal disorders, back problems, joint weakness, or the inability of muscle groups to work properly, greatly decrease an individual’s quality [...]