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Mow the lawn, not your feet

2019-05-16T20:41:16-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

Power Mowers Pose Danger to Feet Thousands of Foot Injuries Can be Prevented Each Year Lawn care season is back and Littleton foot and ankle surgeons, Adam Toren and Keith Naftulin caution homeowners to protect their feet and the feet of those around them when using rotary-blade lawnmowers. Each year, some 25,000 Americans sustain injuries from [...]

New Procedures, Techniques Speeding Patients’ Recoveries

2019-03-31T17:30:00-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

New procedures, techniques speeding patients' recoveries Many Achilles tendon surgery patients in Denver are getting back on their feet faster, thanks to new procedures and techniques. Dr. Keith Naftulin, DPM and Dr. Adam Toren, foot and ankle surgeons with offices in Littleton, Colorado, say the introduction of tissue graft products, bone anchors, radio frequency treatments and [...]

High heeled winter boots dangerous on ice and snow

2019-03-20T15:53:24-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

High heeled winter boots dangerous on ice and snow A stylish low-heeled winter boot is a lot more fashionable than a cast and crutches This winter’s fashionable high-heeled boots put women at risk for slips, falls, and injuries on ice and snow, warns Denver area foot and ankle surgeons Dr. Keith Naftulin and Dr. Adam Toren. [...]

For many, winter is fall season

2019-02-18T22:14:22-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

For many, winter is fall season Icy conditions cause falls and broken ankles With the hectic pace of life, serious injuries from ice-related falls inevitably occur. Littleton foot and ankle surgeons Dr. Keith Naftulin and Dr. Adam Toren says falls on icy surfaces are a major cause of ankle sprains and fractures, and it’s critical to [...]

Check Pain Management Off Your List of Foot Surgery Worries

2018-10-17T20:08:26-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

Check Pain Management Off Your List of Foot Surgery Worries Foot and ankle surgeons share reassuring insight on managing pain after surgery With any surgery comes reasonable concerns. Depending on the person, your mind could start racing anywhere from the seriousness of your condition, to the procedure itself, to out-of-pocket costs or the required downtime. However, [...]

Want something free?

2018-09-16T12:07:50-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

Shoe horns save your back AND your shoes!  We want to help! We will ship you a shoe horn, free of charge. Click here to order your shoe horn. (We don’t even charge shipping and handling fees!) You already know that bending over to put on your shoes can put a strain on your back. Did [...]

Going barefoot? Beware…!

2018-07-16T17:23:10-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

Going barefoot? Beware...! Tips for a safer barefoot summer in Denver Littleton, Colorado, June 16, 2018 Parents and families can prevent cuts, puncture wounds and other injuries from going barefoot by following some simple recommendations from foot and ankle surgeons, Dr. Keith Naftulin and Dr. Adam Toren. "Shoes are the best way to protect your family's [...]

Don’t Ignore Flat Feet – Study links this condition to painful foot maladies

2018-06-29T15:00:13-07:00Caring for Your Feet|

Study Links Flat Feet to Painful Foot Maladies Littleton, Colorado, June 29, 2018 Treatment and prevention of adult flatfoot can reduce the incidence of additional foot problems such as bunions, hammertoes, arthritis and calluses, and improve a person’s overall health, according to research published in an issue of the Journal of Foot & Ankle Surgery. Overweight [...]